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Guess who might be considering profiling at airports despite cries from the usual suspects.

Here is yet another informative article in Der Spiegel regarding airport security. This one is quite surprising, yet it shows that at least some Germans do get it: that lining up innocent people, making them remove shoes for no good … Continue reading

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How to thwart a terrorist plot–alternate title: Terrorist plot in Belgium unravels

CNN reports that 11 would be terrorists have been arrested for plotting a terror attack in Belgium. Were these would be terrorists caught as they went through security at some obscure airport in the USA? No!!!  The TSA has not … Continue reading

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There are mullahs in defiance of Khamenei

It is not just the people and the students who have taken to the streets. CNN has a picture that shows several Mullahs also took to the streets of Tehran on the Sunday: I count 5 Mullahs amongst the protesters. … Continue reading

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Neda was murdered by the Basij and the Iranian regime

I have been watching intensely the situation in Iran that has erupted after the coup perpetrated by Ahmanutjob and Khamenei (who is also a believer in the 12th Iman). The people know that they were defrauded because they did not … Continue reading

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Sham election results in Iran means that Ahmadinejad remains as President

The Presidential elections in Iran did not promise to have an extraordinary outcome about 1 month ago. However, Mr. Mousavi managed to convince the people of Iran that he was an alternative to the nutcase Ahmadinjad.  Instead of the poor … Continue reading

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The Celebration of Hannukah in Mumbai

I did not blog on the murder and mayhem in Mumbai. What happened there was yet another shameful episode where the finger is once again pointed at Muslim extremists – this time they are associated with a group that has … Continue reading

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Chechen Rebels declare Caliphate of Caucasus

Rusty from the Jawa Report has reported on the declaration of the leader of the Chechen rebels who has declared war on the U.S. as well as on Russia and has at the same time declared the caliphate of the … Continue reading

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