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Israel launches air strikes on Gaza –

Israel launches air strikes on Gaza – After yet another round of constant attacks by the Palestinians Israel has launched air  strikes on Gaza. The purpose of the air strike was to hit two weapons factories. The IDF have … Continue reading

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Israel responds to constant mortar attacks from inside of Gaza

  An Israeli air strike on Wednesday has successfully hit an Hamas controlled post where rockets are being constantly fired into Israeli territory. Despite the bleating about the alleged “oppression” of Palestinians, there is in fact very little evidence to … Continue reading

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CAIR gloats over HLF mistrial but the celebration may be premature

  Jihad Watch: CAIR gloats over HLF mistrial, but the celebration may be prematureThe HLF verdict ended up as a mistrial because of jurors changing their minds after the initial verdict was made (were they paid off or threatened?). CAIR … Continue reading

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