Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury shows some backbone

From the outset I will state that I think the present Archbishop if Canterbury is a jerk. Rowan Williams in my mind is nothing more than a total idiot. It is preposterous that Rowan Williams prefers to defend creeping Sharia law rather than Christian values. The man is a total sell out to all Christians in Great Britain, no matter what their denomination.

Now enter back into the fray, Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who like a true Christian and bishop, has thrown down the gauntlet to the courts in England over the way that they have been handling cases against Christians who have been dismissed by their employers, whilst they support the Muslims who are forever attempting to impose Sharia upon a Christian population. However, there is more to the story because the ever liberal English Parliament has been imposing all sorts of rules and restrictions that affect Christians.

This story is about protecting the right of Christians to use their conscience over things that they clearly see as wrong, like refusing to give sex therapy to homosexuals and refusing to work with homosexuals with regard to the adoption of children, and the refusal to participate as registrar for homosexual civil unions. Surely Christians have a human right to refuse to do these things. Society can make their rotten laws but they cannot force Christians to participate in them. The judicial system in the U.K. has been corrupted by the atheists who want to bring down Christianity. It is a bad situation for Christians because their rights and freedoms are being taken away from them.

And when Duke Amachree, a Christian homelessness officer with
Wandsworth council, advised a client to put her faith in God, he was
promptly suspended, marched off the premises and then sacked.

In a string of other cases, Christians have been prevented
from serving on adoption panels or as marriage registrars because their
religious beliefs mean they cannot sanction civil partnerships or gay

Such employment difficulties reflect a wider institutional
animus against Christianity. Teachers bend over backwards to promote
other religions at its expense. The BBC and the artistic world miss no
opportunity to trash it or hold it up to ridicule, while the political
class and intelligentsia take an axe to its moral precepts on issues
such as euthanasia, sex outside marriage and abortion.

Among some
churchmen, there has been rumbling alarm about this
for some time. Only last month, Lord Carey and a group of bishops wrote
to the Press to denounce such ‘discrimination’ against churchgoers as
‘unacceptable in a civilised society’.

But this new initiative
elevates such protest to a very different level.

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