What happens when Gitmo detainees are released

Last October, a young Yemeni-American and Muslim teenager by the name of Susan Elbaneh who had returned to Yemen for her arranged marriage was killed during a blast at the USA embassy in Sana, Yemen. This rather beautiful young woman and her husband were amongst the victims of an attack on the USA embassy that was led by a former Gitmo inmate.

This story has received very little attention from the MSM, and what is worse, is that journalists who are pro-closing of Guantanamo Bay without consideration as to what will happen to the present detainees have glossed over the fact that this girl is a Muslim who was killed in the attack – ditto for the civilians who were waiting to enter the gates of the embassy when the attack took place.

What is really intriguing about the story is that this girl’s family are involved in Jihad. Her father and an uncle were charged with supply material support to jihadists and her cousin is a man on the run from the USA because of his jihad activities. It seems that having family members who are involved is no guarantee that jihad will not strike in the family.

A more serious thing to consider though, is the role of Yemen in the ultra-right wing jihad attacks all over the world. Yemen might be a very poor country but it has spawned a large number of Jihadis. Some of Yemen’s jihadis have spent time in Gitmo, were rehabilitated and sent to Saudi Arabia for re-education, and from there they escaped and returned to their further activities. In attempting to deny this fact (that former Gitmo detainees have returned to the field) at least one journalist has attempted to cover up the story about the death of Susan Elbaneh. Yemen has also spawned a number of extremely hardline mufti (do not dare call these people clerics) such as Abu Bakr Bashir in Indonesia. From what I understand Al Qaeda got its beginnings in Yemen.


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