There are mullahs in defiance of Khamenei

It is not just the people and the students who have taken to the streets. CNN has a picture that shows several Mullahs also took to the streets of Tehran on the Sunday:

I count 5 Mullahs amongst the protesters. This is really quite significant because it shows the cracks in the ranks of the mullahs. They believe that the people have the right to peacefully protest. In fact it is written into the Iranian constitution that they have the right to protest.


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One Response to There are mullahs in defiance of Khamenei

  1. Edisto Joe says:

    You are correct about a “crack in the ranks” with the Mullah’s over in Iran. There have always been liberal, moderate, and conservative sections in their society. Since 1979 when they had their reveloution and the hard-line conservatives took over, they have been very effective in silencing the opposition with a “crack in the head”. Their recent recount of 10% of the ballots revealed no surprises. Ahmadinejad was the clear winner. We can only hope or assume that this will lead to more unrest and if America would take a stronger stand in the matter, it could lead to a change in leadership. I watched it unfold on television in 1979 and there is no reason that it cannot happen in 2009. The current regime will have to resort to force in order to quell the disturbance and that is what will inflame the Persian people even more. It can happen and I for one would like to see it happen. The reasons are obvious but too numerous to list. here.

    Edisto Joe

    Nice blog site.

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