Neda was murdered by the Basij and the Iranian regime

I have been watching intensely the situation in Iran that has erupted after the coup perpetrated by Ahmanutjob and Khamenei (who is also a believer in the 12th Iman). The people know that they were defrauded because they did not vote for Ahmadinejad, such that when Khamenei makes claims like the big turnout was in favour of Ahmanutjob they are ready to continue their waves of protests despite the not so veiled threats to beware the consequences. They have sent the Basij into the streets to bash the protesters with their batons. Some in plainclothes have weapons. There are sharpshooters on buildings, taking aim and murdering people on the streets (this is probably the one thing that reminds people of what took place at Kent University when six students were killed). One of the victims of the Basij, a girl, an innocent bystander was Neda, and she was standing on a street corner, away from the protesters when a Basij took aim and shot her through the heart.

I am not going to place the pictures of Neda on this blog, and I am not going to place the video of her death on my blog, but I am linking to other blogs that are covering the story. One blog is Paul Coelho, the author, who is also blogging for the Iranians. He has a friend, a doctor, who was at the scene when Neda died. It was Paul’s friend who has provided the witness account of Neda’s death, testifying that it was the Basij that killed her – the Basij was on the rooftop, not on a drive-by motorcycle as some have reported.

I hope that Paul will not mind if I copy a few comments from his blog and repeat them here, because these brave Iranians are telling their story, and I think that more people need to hear from the doctors not just from Tehran, but from other cities in Iran where there has been protests and violence caused by the regime, not the protesters:


I`m from Shiraz , the city you once came in.Neda ` death was shocking for all of us in Iran. We witnessed 2 days ago the brutal beatting of an old lady near Shiraz Univercity by police. My sister in law was beatten badly 4 days ago with batune in the street and I as a doctor personally had a hard time treating 2 other victims of these brutalities. We feel raped by the goverment. It feels bad , very bad witnessing these things and only you can shout God is the Great at 10 pm every night. Because we are not worriors , we can not beating or killing these dictators , we only can tell them that we are here ,alive and alert. We love our country , we wish for it a future that contains hope for our children. A country that respects dignity of every human apart from relligious barriers.
This week I had 2 ways to rise hope for myself. First pray to god , second reading your 2 books : Zahir and Valkyries . They gave my the motivation to resist the waves of govermental propaganda who tries to kill our hope. I think the feeling of not being alone in this world, and following our dreams to the end is what you told me by your book. I appreciate that . Neda and Nedas are killing or beatten here for following the dream of a nation : FREEDOME .

God bless you.

They tried to silence the protests and they killed Neda. Her name which is really significant as a call to justice, will live on as the spirit of the protest. We will not forget Neda. Her life here on earth is ended but her voice will not be silenced as she becomes the voice of all who are now standing up to both Khamenei the dictator and Ahmadinejad the defeated President who has staged a coup to seize and retain power.


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  1. Charissma says:

    hello, i am praying for your country, for your peace, for your salvation, and for your safety

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