More on the Al Dura Hoax

Power Line – Al Dura Hoax Exposed?

The Al Dura Hoax is also known as a blood libel. In this case the boy in the photograph who is with his father was supposed to have been killed. The video footage that I have seen to date indicates that the boy and man were not in fact in any danger, that the Israelis could not possibly have hit that particular spot, and now it turns out that there is really no evidence that the boy actually died.

When the actual incident occurred the new footage was seen all around the world, and this alleged killing of a young boy became the cause for the Intifada against Israel. It has also been the reason why a lot of people around the world literally turned their backs on Israel. However, the whole thing has been a fraud – a hoax.  It was set up by the Palestinian factions who wanted to get even with the Israelis and provide what is known as blood libel.

A few years ago, I followed a case in the French courts regarding the exposure of this blood libel via the case of Phillipe Karsenty. The original verdict had gone against Karsenty, that is the verdict had stated that there was no hoax or fraud, but the French appellate court overturned that verdict in May 2008, and France 2 was ordered to release raw video footage of the incident.

On March 4 German public TV ARD have broadcast a documentary that confirms that the news report submitted by Charles Enderlin and broadcast by France 2 on September 30, 2000, is a fraud.

The evidence provided in the documentary is:

  • via biometric analysis of the faces it has been proven that the boy who was filmed by France 2 was not the boy presented at the Gaza morgue. The eyebrows and lips are different.

  •  using lip-reading technique the German TV read the father’s lips. They discovered that Jamal al Dura gave instructions to the people who were behind France 2’s cameraman during the filming of the scene.

  • the boy whose funeral took place, as though it was Mohammed al Dura arrived at the hospital before 10.00 am, whereas the France 2 news report was filmed after 2.30 pm.

The deception of the al Dura hoax has caused irremediable damage to Israel. This is the problem with blood libel. It goes to show the depths to which the Palestinians will sink in order to lay false charges against Israel.


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