Saudis claim "rape victim" was guilty of adultery

As a follow up to the story about the woman who has been sentenced to 200 lashes and 6 months in jail because she was raped, the Saudi authorities have now claimed that the young woman has confessed to having an affair with her male companion, even though she was recently married.

Considering the way in which women are treated in a country such as Saudi Arabia, I feel certain that torturing a person can get a confession even if the confession is not true. We have no reliable way of proving that the young woman did in fact confess to “adultery”, or whether she was tortured in order to obtain the confession. Such a confession, though has nothing at all to do with the fact that she and her companion were raped by 4 men.

It is a very barbaric society where women who have been raped end up being punished viz 200 lashes, or 6 months in jail. The message that is being sent to these young women is that they do not have the right to legally complain about rape because they will end up being punished, and probably tortured in order to extract a false confession.

Whilst I am against adultery, I do not believe in these barbaric punishments that are meted out under Sharia law. Everything is against the woman, and the perpetrators are allowed to get off with their crime. However, in this case the perpetrators had their sentences increased as well.


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I am a 50 something married mother with three sons and grandmother to a grandson. I am a graduate of Melbourne University, having achieved the status of Bachelor of Commerce. My interests are varied, including knitting and crochet.
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