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Chechen Rebels declare Caliphate of Caucasus

Rusty from the Jawa Report has reported on the declaration of the leader of the Chechen rebels who has declared war on the U.S. as well as on Russia and has at the same time declared the caliphate of the … Continue reading

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Feminists ignore plight of Teddy Bear teacher – PC gone mad

Feminist group won’t take position on Teddy-Bear-Mohammed-Gate » Infidels Are Cool The feminist group N.O.W. is proving once again why it is a morally bankrupt and spent political force due to  its failure to stand up and take a position … Continue reading

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More than 200 Saudi alleged terrorists arrested

Saudi Arabia has announced that following an investigation lasting several months more than 200 Saudi and foreign nationals have been arrested on suspicion of being involved in terrorism. The arrests took place over the past few months but were kept … Continue reading

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Tensions in Lebanon continue to increase

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Gunfight raises Lebanon tension The Lebanese army has been deployed in Tripoli to try and prevent further clashes between gunmen from opposition and pro-government groups. Tensions have continued to rise in Lebanon since the … Continue reading

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Turkey probes Richard Dawkin’s "God delusion"

Now this is an extremely interesting twist with regard to Islamic style probes, because it is the Turkish authorities who are examining Richard Dawkin’s book on the grounds of the possibility that the book is an attack on religious values. … Continue reading

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Israel responds to constant mortar attacks from inside of Gaza

  An Israeli air strike on Wednesday has successfully hit an Hamas controlled post where rockets are being constantly fired into Israeli territory. Despite the bleating about the alleged “oppression” of Palestinians, there is in fact very little evidence to … Continue reading

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You can name a child Mohammed, but not a teddy bear – give me a break!!

An English teacher has been arrested in Khartoum because children in her class named a teddy bear that she intended to be used for instructional purposes, Mohammed. The offense is insulting Islam, which is an offense under the Sharia rules … Continue reading

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