Muslim Youths cause riots in the Netherlands

It seems that the trend towards rioting after the end of Ramadan has taken hold over the last few years. First it was in Paris, where riots erupted after 3 youths, who had committed a felony died after they were electrocuted at a power substation. These riots spread over the whole of France, where millions of dollars worth of damage was reported. Now, it seems that when a Muslim youth was shot dead, after he pulled a knife on two policemen in a police station, that this was the signal for riots to erupt in Amsterdam.

Nine days in Slotervaart: Immigrant youths turn to violence in Amsterdam,” by Georg Schreuder Hes for Radio Netherlands:

It has been an unusually violent week for Amsterdam’s western Slotervaart district. Cars were torched and youths clashed with police on several consecutive nights after a 22-year-old ethnic Moroccan was shot dead at a police station. He was killed by a policewoman he had just stabbed a number of times. The riots that followed reminded Amsterdam’s Chief Commissioner Bernard Welten of a major nightmare for Western European cities: violence on a Parisian scale. Every major town in the Netherlands has its share of so-called problem youths, the type of violent adolescents who gang up to terrorize the neighbourhood. Many of them are the children of migrant workers of Moroccan descent who arrived in the Netherlands in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The Dutch called them guest workers, the operative idea being that they would return to their country of origin when they were no longer needed. So nobody bothered to teach them Dutch, or much of anything else for that matter. The guest workers had their wives come over, but they, just like their husbands were not expected, or encouraged, to integrate into Dutch society….

Like Jihad Watch has pointed out, the author of the article seems to not understand that these “migrant workers” never wanted to integrate in the first place. If the Dutch were remiss in ensuring that there was integration, then the same is true regarding these Moroccan migrant workers.

However, is this the real reason that these riots have been allowed to happen? I do not think that lack of integration is the key issue here. I think that it is a part of a European wide trend to cause chaos. The perpetrators are Muslims, and most are of North African origin. One would think that by now the politicians in Europe would finally “get it”, that this group want to impose their own rules and standards upon every one else.

In the above story about the riots in the Netherlands, a few things need to be pointed out regarding the deliberate action of the youth who was killed. First of all, he attacked a policewoman, who then killed him. She had been stabbed multiple times by this Moroccan youth, so was she to stand there and allow herself to be killed? Second, the police officer was a woman.  Third, no one seems to appreciate the fact that this form of rioting is vandalism and that vandalism is a criminal offense. All who are participating should be charged with a felony, without the acceptance of excuses.


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