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Lebanese troops fire on IAF jets – are we heading towards another war?

  Officials: Lebanese troops fired on IAF jets – Israel News, Ynetnews I bet the MSM will remain quiet over the fact that Lebanese troops, (probably ones not loyal to the government but to Nasrallah) fired upon Israeli aircraft doing … Continue reading

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Six more members of the Party of Internal struggle arrested

Police seize ‘world jihad’ team – Muslims pretend that the meaning of “Jihad” is internal struggle. Perhaps for the Sufi Muslims this is true, but not so as far as the six arrested in northern Spain are concerned. The … Continue reading

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CAIR gloats over HLF mistrial but the celebration may be premature

  Jihad Watch: CAIR gloats over HLF mistrial, but the celebration may be prematureThe HLF verdict ended up as a mistrial because of jurors changing their minds after the initial verdict was made (were they paid off or threatened?). CAIR … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech denied at Emory U

Gateway Pundit has a good article on the manner in which left wing students and their Muslim “friends” destroyed the right to freedom of speech. You can read about it here: Powered by ScribeFire.

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Iraq to ban Kurd rebel operations

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Iraq to ban Kurd rebel operations Iraq is to take the step of banning the PKK. This is the right step and a good response to the present situation showing an understanding of the … Continue reading

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How people seeking to tell the truth are treated on campus

Speaker Nonie Darwish Says Female Students Are ?Hamas Trained? Robert Stacy McCain blogging at The Washington Time?s Fishwrap sends this update on Nonie Darwish. Nonie Darwish is an Arab-American writer and public speaker. She is the author of the book … Continue reading

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Iran wants to take over the Persian Gulf

I am behind in reading blog entries and blogging about the ones that interest me. This is another article from Gateway Pundit, that helps to interpret the motivations of Ahmanutjob. I have not heard anything further on this particular threat … Continue reading

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