Guess who might be considering profiling at airports despite cries from the usual suspects.

Here is yet another informative article in Der Spiegel regarding airport security. This one is quite surprising, yet it shows that at least some Germans do get it: that lining up innocent people, making them remove shoes for no good reason, and to place their laptops in a separate container is nothing more than a waste of time which clogs up the security checks as people head towards their flights.

Der Spiegel writes:

German airports are considering assigning passengers to risk categories based on their age and ethnicity, and checking them accordingly, under a proposal by the designated head of the country’s airports federation. Critics say the move would foment racism, breach anti-discrimination laws and fail to boost security.

The article goes on to state that the system under consideration is profiling as implemented by the Israelis. It also points out the Britain looks like adopting the same procedure….. interesting… did you hear that Janet and TSA?  Looks like you are out of step with the rest of the world.

Here is the money quote from Blume as to why he is considering this move:

"Every new incident leads to further checks and security measures. This creates a security spiral in terms of new technical equipment which at some point will reach its technical and operational limits."

Do people really think that there will be another shoe bomber? Will a Catholic, or a Lutheran, or a Presbyterian decide to use a bit of PETN in his or her shoes in order to cause an explosion? Personally, I would expect such behaviour from an Anarchist, but I would not expect a Christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist, a Sikh, or a Jew to be involved in a plot to blow up an aircraft.

Being realistic, the threats have come from one source, but different countries. Even when they talk of British nationals, or French and German nationals, one has to look a bit deeper to see that these are naturalized citizens who have migrated from countries that are dominated by the religion of Peas.

How many men and women who like to knit, crochet, tat or do embroidery, are likely to use their knitting needles, embroidery or wool needles, embroidery scissors, or crochet hooks, or heaven forbid a tatting shuttle for such nefarious purposes as the hijack of an aircraft. If such a crime ever eventuates then I will eat my words, but until then, I think that those restrictions are not necessary.

The German proposal is that the passengers be profiled according to their background and their travel habits. The intending passengers will be directed down three security entrances. Obviously, some passengers will end up being checked more thoroughly, and I would expect that any naturalized German with the obvious profile would be checked more thoroughly. Most will be innocent of any wrong-doing but if there are any with suspicious contacts then yes, they should get the full treatment. In that way those members of the religion of Peas who are not involved in Jihad activity will be free to travel without suspicion being cast upon them, and the rest of the travellers will not have to put up with the inconvenience of unnecessary and reactive measures.

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Denmark spoils the fun of some intending terrorists.

The group of terrorists arrested in Copenhagen had plans to seek revenge for the publishing of the Mo the Paedophile cartoons.  It seems that they are denying that they had any intention of doing such a thing. However, the special forces involved with counter-terrorism would not have swooped upon these Muslim Jihadist fanatics if they did not suspect that their plans were about to be put in motion.


Der Spiegel has an interesting article on the alleged terrorists, as well as their probable links to David Headley who was involved in the planning of the Mumbai massacre.


Danish and Swedish authorities are currently investigating links to the attempted plot by David Headley. Der Spiegel relates:


What is known is that authorities in Sweden and Denmark are currently investigating whether there are any connections to the so-called "Mickey Mouse Project." That terror plot, which was also cantered on Jyllands-Posten, was foiled with the arrest of David Headley, a United States citizen of Pakistani origin, at an airport in Chicago in October 2009.

There is a likelihood that the plan foiled on Wednesday was at least inspired by Headley’s plot. Indeed, both apparent plots bear strong similarities.

For his part, Headley was operating on behalf of top terrorist Ilyas Kashmiri. The Pakistani is the head of his own terror group, Harakat ul-Jihad Islami. In addition, he has close and very explosive connections to the terror groups Lashkar-e-Taiba (LiT) and al-Qaida. Initially, Headley also served on behalf of LiT and scouted targets for them that would eventually be attacked in the terror strikes in Mumbai in November 2008. Headley had also filmed the site of an attack in the Indian city of Pune before a bomb exploded there — in front of a German bakery. Kashmiri later claimed responsibility for the attack”


You can read more here

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How to thwart a terrorist plot–alternate title: Terrorist plot in Belgium unravels

CNN reports that 11 would be terrorists have been arrested for plotting a terror attack in Belgium. Were these would be terrorists caught as they went through security at some obscure airport in the USA? No!!!  The TSA has not been able to thwart one single terror attack.

So let me look at the facts on how these terrorists were found:

  • they were involved in an online plot;

The suspects were using a jihadist website to plan an attack on an unspecified target, police said.

It was "clear to us that the target was Belgian soil, just not clear enough to say where and when," Belgian public prosecutor Lieve Pellens told CNN.


  • Seven of the arrests were in Antwerp, Belgium and the remainder were arrested in Aachen Germany plus the Netherlands. They were Belgian, Dutch, Moroccan and Chechen.

Those darned Lutherans seem to be getting into more and more mischief these days!! Actually, I wonder what these people have in common. Let me see: Moroccan and Chechen. Well I am actually betting that they are not Jews, Christians, Hindu, Buddhist or Atheists. Now what does that leave? They were using a jihadist website… hint, hint….

A senior European counter-terrorism official told CNN that members of the group arrested in Antwerp, and their associates in Germany and the Netherlands, had discussed targeting Jews in Belgium as well as NATO vehicles in the country. However, officials say no specific targets appear to have been identified.

Can anyone else see the pattern that is emerging? Those Belgians and Dutch citizens who were arrested were they by chance immigrants from say Morocco or Afghanistan, or maybe even Bosnia? Just asking.

So, if these plotters were not picked up by TSA screening, how is it that they were arrested? We all know that this TSA screening and the use of techniques that require the handling of the more intimate parts of our bodies is so very necessary to capture these people… NOT.  Well here is how the Europeans have once again foiled a terrorist plot:

  • Belgian authorities tracked the activities of the group through wiretaps…. (ooh hear those American lefties scream about using wire taps).
  • Belgian authorities are investigating links between the members of the Antwerp group and Sharia4Belgium, a Belgian Islamist organization.
  • An investigation into the financing of a Chechen terror organization has been going on since late 2009.

Well… guess it was not the Lutherans after all… It was in fact the usual suspects… Islamists.


As well as the group that has been arrested, there have also been further arrests in Spain, Morocco and Saudi Arabia. Can anyone say Al Qaeda is behind the exposed plot?


At the same time there is a second police operation targeting terrorist suspects in Brussels. The police have visited 15 locations in Brussels as a part of the continuing investigation into a terrorist cell linked with Bassam Ayachi, a French citizen who was detained in Italy in 2008.  This upstanding French immigrant citizen was head of the Belgian Islamic Centre, based in Molenbeek in Belgium. One of the people being investigated has been to Iraq to engage in jihadist activities and returned to Belgium two years ago….


What this shows is that the best way to stop the terrorists is always to be proactive. This involves wiretaps etc., and yes it is targeted investigations where there is no fear of profiling that nets the perpetrators before they have the opportunity to carry out their plots.

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What is the best way to respond to threats of terrorism? Reactive vs.. Proactive part 1

The threat of terrorism has been around for a very long time. In the 1960s we had a spate of hijackings and aircraft being blown up, and in the end this activity was the death-knell of Pan Am. In the 1970s this activity continued and it included the terrorist attack upon the Israeli Olympic team at Munich – oh how I cried that day when I read about what had been done in the name of terror. There have been many other incidents including the first attempted bombing of the World Trade Centre, the bombing of the Murrah building (why is it that the FBI stopped looking for that Middle Eastern person who was with McVeigh?) and eventually we had the most despicable of terrorist attacks when the Islamists successfully declared war by flying aircraft into the World Trade Centre killing thousands of people at the same time. Then there was the train bombings in Spain that killed hundreds, the Bali bombings that killed hundreds, the London bombings and so on it goes. All of these acts of terror have one thing in common – Islam.  (Yes, there is an Islamic link to the Oklahoma City bombing but the FBI simply did not go far enough with the investigation).

Most of the reactions to these acts of terror have been reactive. Now I do agree with going through the metal detectors. These do make me feel a lot safer when I fly. I do not however, think that stopping people from having nail clippers and knitting needles is a reasonable response.  People who knit are not going to hijack an aircraft and you cannot hide a ticking bomb in a knitting bag (it is usually stuffed with too much yarn and other bits and bobs!!). What is unreasonable in my view are the methods that are being recommended and put into use in the USA and elsewhere that involve the use of body scanners, and now with extraordinarily offensive and pat downs that are truly sexual molestation.

These new measures in the USA that are now being abused by the TSA are measures that are reactive. The introduction of what is now known as the porno scanners (they have been around for a few years) and the pat down measures are a reaction to the Christmas Day underwear bomber who failed, just like Richard Reid the failed shoe bomber, to ignite his bomb. In both of these cases the TSA and authorities elsewhere implemented new procedures. As a result of the attempt with the shoe bomb everyone has to remove their shoes to go through scanning. This is ridiculous because there has not been further attempts, no copycat shoe bombers, nothing, nada. It is a waste of time and it is inconvenient as well as being difficult for some people with balance problems. Yet, in the USA we have to take off our shoes to go through security. Time to put an end to the nonsense and reassess if this is indeed necessary.

It is the same with the underwear bomber and his failed attempt to light a bomb that was placed in his underwear. The only thing that got burned was his crotch. Now if we look at the facts that emerged in that case we find that he boarded the flight in Amsterdam. Not only that, but a person or persons unknown helped him to get onto the flight ergo the threat exists in Holland, in Amsterdam, not in small airports in the USA. There has not been any American, Australian or any other foreign tourist who has tried to duplicate the underwear bomb.

Whilst some new threats have emerged – an Islamist from Yemen blew himself up when detonating a bomb planted in his anus and it has been rumoured that some Islamic women are being fitted with bombs in breast implants – it is unreasonable to put ordinary travellers with the USA through the intrusive pat downs that are now being mandated.

Banning liquids because an Islamist terrorist cell in the UK was planning to bomb aircraft via the use of a baby bottle is reactive. Again, the normal American travelling public are not into duplicating the murderous deeds of the Islamists who hatch these plots. Forcing people to take off their shoes before going through security is also reactive. Why not let people walk through the metal detector and if the alarm is set off, then they can take off their shoes. All of these searches are reactive, not proactive. They are useless when they come after the fact. It is not likely that someone trying to board a flight in Florida to return home to New Hampshire is going to blow up the aircraft and this applies to the thousands who fly every day.

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The age of 11 is too young for sexual activity

Yemeni Bride, 11, Hospitalized with Genital Injuries – ABC News

A few weeks ago a 13 year old girl died as a result of injuries to her genital area. It seems that she was raped by her adult husband. The man is now in custody, but I will bet that he is allowed to go free. This is because of the attitude of the Yemeni mullahs who actually condone child brides…. after all Mohammed came from Yemen and he married Aisha when she was 6 years old, and he had sex with her when she was 9 years old. That poor child.

Now I learn about yet another child bride who has been raped by her husband. She has been hospitalized with genital injuries. When will this end? These girls are way too young for this kind of sexual contact. If these men want to prove themselves then they really should be having brides over the age of 18. However, we are talking about the very backward country of Yemen, a country that is backward because it is controlled by a theocracy.

Some of the women of Yemen are beginning to fight back. They want to see an end to the practice of child brides. What is the use of parents agreeing to such an arrangement on the promise that the child will not be touched until she is more “mature”, only to find their daughters fighting for their lives within days of their marriage?

The infant and maternal mortality rate in Yemen is also quite high, again because these children are being forced to have sex and then end up pregnant. Their young bodies can hardly sustain a pregnancy, let alone going through labour. Yemen is not the kind of country where women have the best of conditions in order to have a baby, and I doubt that there are many if any Caesarian sections being performed. Their small and immature vaginas are simply not big enough for the process of birthing.

We women of the west need to take up this fight to stop the marriage of these children. We need to stand by the women in the Saana movement and protest the fact that child bride marriages are encouraged. These women need to face mullahs who are themselves misogynists. Let us stand beside them and say “no more child brides” !!!!  No more sacrificing of these children who are too young to be married and too young to be giving birth.

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Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury shows some backbone

From the outset I will state that I think the present Archbishop if Canterbury is a jerk. Rowan Williams in my mind is nothing more than a total idiot. It is preposterous that Rowan Williams prefers to defend creeping Sharia law rather than Christian values. The man is a total sell out to all Christians in Great Britain, no matter what their denomination.

Now enter back into the fray, Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, who like a true Christian and bishop, has thrown down the gauntlet to the courts in England over the way that they have been handling cases against Christians who have been dismissed by their employers, whilst they support the Muslims who are forever attempting to impose Sharia upon a Christian population. However, there is more to the story because the ever liberal English Parliament has been imposing all sorts of rules and restrictions that affect Christians.

This story is about protecting the right of Christians to use their conscience over things that they clearly see as wrong, like refusing to give sex therapy to homosexuals and refusing to work with homosexuals with regard to the adoption of children, and the refusal to participate as registrar for homosexual civil unions. Surely Christians have a human right to refuse to do these things. Society can make their rotten laws but they cannot force Christians to participate in them. The judicial system in the U.K. has been corrupted by the atheists who want to bring down Christianity. It is a bad situation for Christians because their rights and freedoms are being taken away from them.

And when Duke Amachree, a Christian homelessness officer with
Wandsworth council, advised a client to put her faith in God, he was
promptly suspended, marched off the premises and then sacked.

In a string of other cases, Christians have been prevented
from serving on adoption panels or as marriage registrars because their
religious beliefs mean they cannot sanction civil partnerships or gay

Such employment difficulties reflect a wider institutional
animus against Christianity. Teachers bend over backwards to promote
other religions at its expense. The BBC and the artistic world miss no
opportunity to trash it or hold it up to ridicule, while the political
class and intelligentsia take an axe to its moral precepts on issues
such as euthanasia, sex outside marriage and abortion.

Among some
churchmen, there has been rumbling alarm about this
for some time. Only last month, Lord Carey and a group of bishops wrote
to the Press to denounce such ‘discrimination’ against churchgoers as
‘unacceptable in a civilised society’.

But this new initiative
elevates such protest to a very different level.

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Israel launches air strikes on Gaza –

Israel launches air strikes on Gaza –

After yet another round of constant attacks by the Palestinians Israel has launched air  strikes on Gaza. The purpose of the air strike was to hit two weapons factories.

The IDF have every right to protect the citizens of Israel against the aggressive behaviour of the Palestinians in the Gaza strip. 

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